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Oggi sto qui - Post school Marliana

TODAY I AM HERE is a service of "after-school" started October 17, 2016.


The extracurricular supplementary activities have become, in recent years, a great resource for families and for the schools, for the care of children and especially for the growth of their skills and abilities, in teaching as well as in the social one. The activities of so-called After School offer, the adults of reference network for the baby, the possibility of ensuring:

  • continuity with the teaching school activities;
  • more times and places of learning as well as socialization;
  • moments of fun and entertainment along with the peer group;
  • cultural activities appropriate to the various sections of the population;
  • the process of growth and development, individual and community child;
  • the care and supervision of children in continuity with the morning, but in extra school hours.

The service takes place at the premises of the Primary School Matthew Vitelli of Marliana, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12:40 to 16:00 and at the premises of the Primary School Samuel Romiti Montagnana, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 13:00 to 16:00.

For families will be able to register their child for 1 or 2 days a week.

It is a service that in addition to recreational and leisure activities needed, involves the study of certain school subjects, such as music and English. This proposal is clearly modular and flexible, based on the needs expressed by families, children and the teachers.

Once you finished lunch and having fulfilled all the necessary hygiene practices, an educator can plan and predict the times of free or semi-structured game, to ensure the children an important moment of detachment from educational and recreational activities in the morning. The rest and the chance to loosen the load concentration necessary for educational activities is necessary in order to better deal with the hours devoted to school lessons and the insights of curricular materials.

The fun activities will be:

  • Free Game: games offered by the educator or by the children themselves do not provide for special organizational arrangements or that take place without the educator, who can in the meantime observe the mode of play and child relationship and take advantage to learn more about the group of children present; it is especially during this time that the child sets in motion abilities and skills, cognitive, socializing, relational and physical, independently, putting "into play" himself in relation to the surrounding environment (places, people, objects).
  • semi-structured and structured game: laboratory activities (theater, reading, art, technology, environment, etc. etc.) also planned with the teachers; recreational activities; motor activities. These activities include the planning and organization by the adult reference terms and any rules to follow, as well as the materials and schedules to follow.

English: "Educhiamoci all'inglese" is an English laboratory that aims to introduce children to foreign language through interaction and play, inducing a natural and spontaneous process of acquisition.

Music: The music is for the child a source of great interest and involvement sensorimotor. It 'a form of primary expression, linked to verbal language, the image movement. This project offers the opportunity to speak with bambi different languages, learning to communicate through the language of sound, to experiment with different ways of making music: vocal productions, moments of listening, graphic expressions, instrumental and motor expressions improvisations

The activities will be differentiated according to the age of the children, for classes 3rd 4th and 5th in fact, where we start talking about starting to play an instrument, you will support the child in the development of the specification and the dexterity to play ' learning musical notation.


Not be underestimated singing.



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