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European project

We work with local or international partners developing projects within the European programs, with the aim to spread European culture in Italy and bringing public bodies and the Third sector closer to EU institutions

Selva coordinates, implements and manages projects in partnership with universities and research centers, trade associations, public and private entities both Italian and foreign, in order to spread in Italy and in our territory the added value created by the exchange of good practices and innovative methodologies in the field of education and Marketing Place.

We develop projects with a high socio-cultural value for territorial growth by participating in calls financed at EU and national level. The projects presented range from public health to culture, from training to justice and from social research to technological research.

The process followed includes:

identification of existing funding opportunities for potential participants in EU and national programs;
the orientation of potential participants towards the most suitable Program for the individual project concept;
the research and identification of potential project partners at European and national level, selected on the basis of their institutional requirements and their skills;
support in defining the project and filling in the forms, with particular reference to procedural and financial aspects;
the final verification of the project proposal according to the eligibility requirements for funding;
preparation of the contract negotiation phase;
technical support in the operational phase of management, reporting, promotion and dissemination of results;
the financial audit, if required by the contract.

For the implementation of all its activities, we make use of professionals who have achieved important and prestigious results over the years in the design and reporting of transnational projects funded by community programs.


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