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Summer camp

The Summer Camp consists in the design, programming and delivery of summer extracurricular activities for children and teenagers. The proposed activities are playful and socio-educational, able to guarantee children fun and entertainment by offering diverse activities ranging from sport to art, from culture to play.

Opening period

June - September

Days and times

From Monday to friday

from June to September

Summer camp - Attività

guarantee children a carefree and leisure time with great educational components
offer children the feeling of being on holiday in their own city
encourage the collegiality of experiences that otherwise children, alone, would not do
promote the acquisition of autonomy, skills and competences
support and promote the creativity, originality and artistic flair of the individual child/ boy
promote the importance of respect for others and the environment
encourage the internalisation of the concept of solidarity and integration
guarantee moments of free expression and socialization
stimulate the curiosity and the desire to learn the child
to make the new generations aware of Respect for the Environment stimulate and encourage correct sustainable behaviours for nature and the environment promote knowledge and practice of sports activities.


Matteo Magrini

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