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Erasmus thinking

For the year 2019 the only reality in the Province of Pistoia to have obtained the financing of a project for School Staff training.

Launched on June 1, 2019 with expiry in May 2022 due to the health emergency that occurred in the meantime for the pandemic, it is aimed exclusively at teachers, educators and operators employed in the Father Filippo Cecchi School and in the nursery schools “Il bruco” – “Via il ciuccio” and “Il ranocchio” managed by the cooperative.

The administration of the cooperative has decided to propose a project aimed at the direct involvement of its staff with the aim of improving skills and triggering a dynamic of continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and educational activity. Our operators - already equipped with high specializations – will have the opportunity to work and study in an international context, carrying out training courses in other Europeans countries and with colleagues from all over Europe. The positive effects of the training courses are evident, both for the individual participant and for the children and therefore the families who use the Selva services.

The experience of studying abroad, the possibility of activating collaborations, twinning, networks of schools and childcare services for the exchange of methodologies, good practices and contacts, guarantees greater excellence in teaching and educational activities in our services.
Participants in the previous mobility experience through ERASMUS PLUS brought back a suitcase full of enthusiasm and renewed stimulus to work, but also different skills, knowledge to pass on to their colleagues and the awareness that we can often be the ones to teach and show their professionalism.

The project is aimed at 15 employees and the courses are differentiate, in order to give each participant the opportunity to attend a course suited to their duties and skills.

Our project partners are Associations, Companies, Agencies and Public Bodies which have been involved in training for the school world for years, especially for the ERASMUS program of the European Commission.


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