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Community Lab

A project to grow the territory.

"CommunityLab: collaborative learning & enhancing town", a project funded by the European Union as part of the Erasmus Plus project, starts with the aim of creating a "community laboratory" within the territory of Buggiano and involves Selva Social Cooperative, Municipality of Buggiano and Ape (Association for European Design).

The contributions that the European Union has set aside for the realization of this project has the aim of creating collaborative paths and territorial development, by increasing the skills of the staff involved. The project will allow the three institutions to go to Spain, England, Cyprus and Greece to carry out specific training and to visit associations, foundations and municipalities with a long experience in adult learning and in territorial development. The trips will last approximately one week each and will be carried out within two years.

The basic idea is to bring home good practices learned abroad and beyond. The training courses included in the project will allow the people involved to improve their skills on some fundamental issues for the development of the territory and for its artistic and environmental enhancement. The planned training courses concern subjects such as territorial marketing, communication and digital tools, English language, European design.

On the other hand, as regards visits to institutions that have been able to implement good practices for the development of the territory, a trip to Bristol is planned to understand how this city could enter the list of one hundred resilient cities in the world. Also planned visits to Madrid in some associations and bodies that have been able to enhance the territory by focusing on the environment and on the active participation of citizens. Finally, in Lithuania there is a period of observation of an organization that has been able to carry out innovative projects in the educational field.

There will therefore be many interesting experiences from which to draw some ideas for the territory of Valdinievole and for its development.

For more information on the project visit the website CommunityLab.

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