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Selva Social Cooperative


The Cooperative Selva NGO was born in Buggiano November 30, 2006, it consists of a group of 7 guys with the will to act on the territory and give concrete answers to the needs of the same and original. Over the years the number of members and employees has grown and with it have become ever more spheres of interest, the areas of activity and consequently the services offered to citizens. The areas of action of the Cooperative are:

  • education, with a minor, young and old
  • intercultural, in schools and in areas of school
  • organization of social and cultural
  • nurseries
  • co-housing
  • summer Centres

The cooperative does not limit itself to act on its territory but aims to broaden the spectrum of action through collaborations and synergies with other organizations who share a horizon of intentions and aspirations.

Since 2008 we are part of the Metropolis Consortium of Florence and are enrolled at Legacoop social cooperatives; also we work with numerous associations on the territory of the entire Valdinievole.

In addition to the network consortium Selva collaborates with numerous public administrations and associations, cultural and community, belonging to the territory of the Valdinievole, sharing a horizon of intentions and aspirations aimed at caring for people of any age, culture and gender.

Originality, freshness of ideas and enthusiasm, and to help others, characterize our work in a practical way that pursues a vision of cooperative work and mutual collaborative. This often leads us to disagree with the reality of a capitalist system that tends to crush the good intentions of cooperation, solidarity and socialization, where it is always easier to attend scenarios where resources for the social sector, of 'education and culture are lacking due to political unscrupulous and uncaring of what are the foundations of a company that you want to call and hear civil. We do not want to submit to this system of things, and trying to maintain our clear identity, we conduct our share of work democratically, based on the importance and centrality of the "relationship" in its uniqueness in the process of building positive relationships and productive .

What we need in our business is to recover the dialogue with others and participation, which also ensure the success of these assets in terms of quality of work and in terms of satisfaction by users. 

The objectives of the cooperative are:

  • develop an effective and efficient organization;
  • meet the needs of users, in particular those with difficulties;
  • ensuring a transparent and clear;
  • ensure provision of service for the user in the time and manner required, involving the same person;
  • ensure full respect for the identity of each user;
  • expand relations and cooperation with other cooperatives in the area;
  • constantly monitor the performance and results in order to improve our services day after day.



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Cooperativa Sociale Selva - Via Giuseppe Giusti, 9, 51011 Borgo A Buggiano PT - tel. +39.0572.33624

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